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There are approved uses for injections of Valium by a licensed healthcare provider. However, abusing Valium by injecting it can cause significant harm, including increasing the risk of contracting a bloodborne disease as well as increasing the chance of overdosing.

Injecting Valium can cause relief from anxiety and alcohol withdrawal. Valium injections can also cause serious side effects, such as collapsed veins, drug addiction, and the spread of diseases, especially when abused in high doses.

Diazepam injections can be prescribed to treat severe anxiety or alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Prescribed diazepam injections may be given by your Ohio doctor as needed.

Injecting Valium without a prescription, not following a Valium injection prescription, or injecting Valium to get high are forms of drug abuse in Ohio. 

Approved Uses For Valium Injection

Diazepam and Valium solutions can be prescribed as a short term anxiolytic. If you have severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms, such as psychosis, delirium tremens, or status epilepticus, diazepam injections can act as an anticonvulsant and reduce these symptoms.

Supervised injections can reduce the risk of abusing Valium. When getting a supervised injection, your dose of diazepam and the amount of time you are getting the injection may be carefully monitored.

In some cases, your doctor can give you detailed instructions on injecting diazepam by yourself at home.

Illicit Uses For Valium Injection

Diazepam solutions can be injected to get high. Abusing diazepam solutions in Ohio may include injecting high doses, injecting someone else’s prescription, or combining the solution with other drugs.

Valium tablets can also be crushed, mixed into a solution, and injected to get high. Making a Valium solution from tablets is a form of substance abuse in Ohio.

Effects Of Diazepam Injection

Injecting diazepam can cause side effects such as:

  • drowsiness
  • blurred vision
  • headache
  • lightheadedness
  • constipation
  • skin rash
  • loss of coordination
  • muscle weakness
  • blood clots

Side effects related to the skin and veins may be unique to intravenous use. Abusing Valium through injection can increase your risk of common and serious side effects.

Dangers Of Injecting Valium

Injecting Valium can lead to stronger side effects. Valium may not be absorbed through the digestive system when it is injected, and can instead enter your bloodstream directly.

For example, a 2 mg dose of diazepam that is injected can be stronger than a 2 mg dose of diazepam taken by mouth. Lower doses of diazepam can have serious side effects when injected.

If you have sleep apnea, myasthenia gravis, liver disease, or glaucoma, injecting Valium can worsen these conditions or lead to serious side effects.

Serious Side Effects

Injecting drugs can expose your skin, muscles, and veins to adverse effects. Drugs that enter your bloodstream directly can also put your cardiovascular system at risk.

Other serious side effects of Valium injection include:

  • infections at the injection site
  • collapsed veins
  • life-threatening blood clots
  • irregular heart rate
  • hypotension (low blood pressure)
  • breathing problems
  • contracting diseases such as HIV or hepatitis

Serious mental health effects, such as psychosis and delirium, have also been reported after taking Valium.

Drug Interactions

Valium can interact with many illicit and prescription drugs, including opioids, alcohol, barbiturates, other benzodiazepines, phenytoin, and other CNS depressants. Some of these interactions can cause life-threatening side effects, such as respiratory depression.

If you’re injecting Valium illegally, your healthcare provider may not be aware of substances you are taking together, and your health risk may increase.

Valium Overdose

Injecting Valium increases your risk of overdose because the effects of Valium can be stronger through injection.

Signs of a Valium overdose may include:

  • severe drowsiness
  • slurred speech
  • loss of consciousness
  • shallow breathing
  • rapid mood swings
  • muscle spasms

If you see these signs in yourself or a loved one, call for medical help immediately.

Valium Addiction

Injecting benzodiazepines such as diazepam, alprazolam, or temazepam in Ohio can be harmful to your health. As of June 2022, brand name benzodiazepines are moderately available for drug abuse in Ohio.

If you’re injecting Valium to function normally, experience adverse reactions related to Valium injection, or feel withdrawal symptoms when trying to quit, you may be suffering from a Valium addiction.

Get Treatment In Ohio

If you or a loved one are abusing benzodiazepines, an addiction treatment program can help. Contact us today to find out if our prescription drug addiction treatment options, such as inpatient detox, behavioral therapy, and mental health support, fit your needs.

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