The Admissions Process At Ohio Recovery Center

Our admissions process involves a pre-screening and initial assessment to help you create your personalized treatment plan at our facility.

At Ohio Recovery Center (ORC), we strive to provide a smooth, stress-free treatment experience from beginning to end. Your journey starts with a pre-screening to identify your needs and  ensure our facility is right for you. 

Once you arrive at our facility, we will perform an initial assessment and work with you to design your personalized treatment plan.


When you contact us, one of our treatment specialists will perform a pre-screening to help you identify your or your loved one’s needs. A pre-screening includes general questions about your mental health and reasons for reaching out to us. It may cover topics such as:

  • the mental and physical symptoms you are experiencing
  • whether you misuse drugs and how long you have been misusing them
  • the type and amount of drugs you misuse
  • whether you have been diagnosed with any mental or physical health conditions

Verification Of Benefits

We will also ask about your insurance and perform a verification of benefits (VOB). 

That means we’ll collect your insurance information, including the name of your provider and your policy number, and verify that we accept your insurance. If we don’t, we’ll help you explore other ways to cover treatment costs

Next, we will explain your treatment options and help you determine which level of care will work best for you or your loved one.

How We Determine The Level Of Care You Need

Some people benefit from outpatient treatment, while others need inpatient treatment. You may need inpatient treatment if:

  • you have a moderate-to-severe addiction or other mental health condition
  • you have addiction and a co-occurring mental health condition
  • you lack a strong support system at home
  • you pose a danger to yourself or others

If you need inpatient treatment, we will likely recommend you attend treatment with us at ORC, where we offer 24/7 care and supervision. 

If you have a milder condition or need a more flexible treatment schedule, we may recommend our sister rehab facility Northeast Addictions Treatment Center (NEATC)

Medical Detox

Many people with addiction experience withdrawal symptoms after they stop using drugs. Some people only develop mild symptoms, such as headache or nausea. Others develop more severe symptoms, such as hallucinations or seizures. 

If you experience withdrawal symptoms, we will likely recommend our medical detox program

We offer medical detox to stabilize your body and prepare you for the rest of your recovery journey. Detox may involve medications, nutritional support, and other services to ease your withdrawal symptoms.

Mental Health

We provide trauma-informed care for addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. However, if you need treatment for a primary mental health disorder, we offer primary mental health services such as:

  • behavioral therapy
  • medication management
  • psychoeducation groups

In addition, we also offer a short-term stabilization program for those experiencing a mental health crisis. 

Our program includes services such as psychiatric monitoring, counseling, and daily living skills training. It’s often recommended as an alternative to or step-down from psychiatric hospitalization. 

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

If you have opioid use disorder or alcohol use disorder, your treatment team may recommend medication-assisted treatment (MAT). During MAT, doctors prescribe medications to ease cravings and withdrawal symptoms. 

If you or your loved one needs a specific medication or supervised MAT, we can likely make it work during the inpatient program at our facility. 

Personal Preferences & Needs

To make your time with us as comfortable as possible, we’ll help you understand our services and amenities to ensure we meet your personal needs. 

For example, if you prefer to live with people of the same gender, our facility offers gender-specific residences. 

We will also consider your location and transportation needs. If you are unable to travel far, we may be able to arrange a ride to a from our facility.

Initial Assessment

After you complete the pre-screening and commit to ORC, we will help you schedule your admission. We will also answer any questions you might have about treatment, including how you will arrive at our facility and what items you should bring. 

Once you enter our facility, you will receive an initial assessment from a team of medical and behavioral health professionals. This assessment typically occurs within 24 hours of arrival at our inpatient program.

Biopsychosocial & Safety Assessments

In general, the initial assessment includes a biopsychosocial assessment as well as a safety assessment. 

The biopsychosocial assessment helps us gather information about your biological, psychological, and social health. It usually includes an interview as well as a medical exam. You may also be asked to fill out some questionnaires. 

During the safety assessment, we will determine if you pose a danger to yourself or others. This assessment typically involves an interview, a questionnaire, or both.

Personalized Treatment Plan

After the assessments, we will work with you and your support system to design your personalized treatment plan. Depending on your needs, this plan may include treatments such as:

  • medical detox
  • individual and group therapy
  • medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for opioid use disorder or alcohol use disorder
  • medication management for primary or co-occurring mental health conditions
  • support groups
  • case management
  • wellness activities, such as yoga, meditation, and journaling
  • aftercare planning

Our evidence-based treatments can help you strengthen your mental health and build a fulfilling, drug-free life.

Written by Ohio Recovery Center Editorial Team

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* This page does not provide medical advice.

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