Our Alumni Program & Network

The alumni program at Ohio Recovery Center (ORC) is living proof that you can trust the process. 

Our program is led by individuals who have finished treatment with us and now enjoy a sober life in recovery. You will likely see alumni travel back to our facility while you’re in treatment, and we hope this makes it easier to give yourself a chance.

Community Of Support

Our alumni program is here to help you figure out what you want out of life following treatment. We understand that a lot of us lose ourselves in active addiction, and without guidance and support it can be difficult to find our direction. 

As alumni, it’s our role to help you navigate life wherever it takes you. 

Alumni Coordinators

We have a full-time alumni coordinator on staff who keeps you involved and engaged in the recovery process from the moment you enter treatment. We’ve seen firsthand that those who stay close to their treatment center and community achieve long-term recovery.

We’re always open to feedback or suggestions from former patients, and our alumni coordinator will prove to you that life in recovery is FUN.


Our alumni program is all-inclusive, meaning you’re invited regardless of your treatment stay, if you finished the rehab program or not, or even if you had to walk back through our doors for another round of treatment. 

Even if your history with us isn’t perfect, we’ll welcome you back in open arms.


Without alumni, there is no alumni program. Both current and former patients are encouraged to engage in all alumni programming, events, and meetings. 

To provide insight and inspire people to continue their path towards recovery, former patients are also welcome to return and share their stories at ORC.

Our alumni program is optional and can be whatever anyone wishes to make of it. We encourage alumni to give back to the community where they found sobriety through sponsorship and supporting those in active recovery. 

What If You Traveled For Treatment?

Our alumni help current patients navigate the next step in their recovery efforts, whether it’s local to the facility or local to the patient’s community if they traveled for treatment.

Out-of-state residents can participate in recovery meetings via Zoom. And, because we keep track of all our alumni, we can help connect patients with alumni in their local community. 

Alumni Events & Resources

Alumni events are coordinated monthly at ORC, and you can expect a hands-on and caring alumni program at the local level. However, alumni are also welcome to any alumni event should they wish to attend.

Some examples of community-based alumni events at ORC include:

  • spin classes
  • bowling nights
  • golf tournaments
  • 5K races and runs
  • recovery nights
  • snow tubing
  • holiday events
  • quarterly events

We also offer other supportive resources to help you stay involved in your life and community, including:

  • volunteering opportunities
  • tuition guidance for continuing education
  • resume building techniques
  • GED prep course
  • hobby-specific workshops
  • scholarship and sober-living opportunities

How We Stay Connected

We promise to stay in touch with you after treatment. We do this by call, text, social media, and email


We have a dedicated alumni phone number you can call at any time: (855) 632-5866. This number can reach alumni coordinators at ORC and our sister facilities. If no one is available, you’ll be connected with our admissions staff who are ready to help and offer support.


We use a texting app that documents all the texts and calls we make to alumni. This app allows us to send out info about upcoming events, meetings, and other opportunities. Anyone who has attended our treatment program will be invited and have access to our app.


Social media is perfect for helping everyone stay in touch, including staff and peers. ORC has its own private alumni group on Facebook. This page is run by our dedicated alumni coordinator, and former patients are encouraged to post and inspire one another. 

Email & Monthly Newsletter

We keep an email list of all former patients as a way to continue communication and stay connected. We send out a monthly newsletter that includes spotlights, event reminders, and additional psychoeducation on addiction recovery.

Written by Ohio Recovery Center Editorial Team

Published on: February 28, 2024

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