Recreation & Wellness Activities At Ohio Recovery Center

From our fully equipped fitness center and recreation rooms to our sprawling, private grounds with walking trails, a basketball court, and more, Ohio Recovery Center offers a wide variety of opportunities to stay active, socialize, enjoy nature, or just relax.

ORC is situated on an expansive 55-acre campus in the beautiful countryside of northwest Ohio, giving you ample opportunities to participate in outdoor recreation activities. Our state-of-the-art treatment facility also includes amenities such as a fitness center and recreation rooms, providing wellness activities like yoga classes and movie nights.

You will be encouraged to explore our campus and move back and forth between the clinical building, outdoor areas, and your cottage between treatment sessions.

Participation in exercise and prosocial activities during recovery can help you develop healthy coping skills, experience the benefits of a growing support system, and restore balance to your body and mind.

Outdoor Setting

We offer multiple outdoor activities and spaces on campus that we invite you to explore. 

These include:

  • pond w/ gazebo
  • walking trails  
  • sand volleyball court
  • basketball court
  • baseball field
  • cornhole and other games
  • fire pit
  • outdoor picnic tables for cookouts

Group therapy sessions are moved outside when the weather is nice to enjoy our peaceful surroundings. Outdoor spaces and activities are accessible during scheduled breaks between sessions.

Gym & Fitness Center

While staying in our residential cottages, you will also have access to an on-site gym and fitness center, with many health and wellness activities available.

Our remodeled indoor gym is located in the clinical building and includes:

  • ellipticals
  • treadmills
  • indoor basketball
  • indoor volleyball
  • indoor pickleball
  • weights and other equipment

Clients can use the gym during free time throughout the day.

Studio Gym Classes

Studio gym classes are also provided and can be found on our monthly activities calendar. Classes may include yoga, mindfulness meditation, aerobics, and more.

Recreation Rooms

Our recreation rooms are located in the clinical building, providing additional opportunities for socializing, developing relationships, and associating recovery with fun, healthy hobbies.

We provide art tables with supplies, TVs for scheduled movie nights (as well as a popcorn machine), a ping-pong table, and a pool table. A full schedule of activities in the rec rooms can be found on our monthly activities calendar.

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