Our Mission At Ohio Recovery Center

To support and stabilize patients during detox and withdrawal, coordinate a smooth transition into residential care, and offer a healing environment rooted in peer connection and clinical support.

Going Beyond Our Mission

At Ohio Recovery Center, we’re a community of family and friends with diverse backgrounds and experiences. We’re in addiction recovery and have faced trauma and mental health issues ourselves, and our mission is to help others like us.

However, our mission goes beyond the trauma-informed care we deliver at our facility by:

Promoting A Greater Sense Of Purpose

At the height of addiction, many people may abandon their hobbies and passions. Without these activities, it’s easy to lose your sense of purpose.

At our rehab center, we want you to rediscover your passions and fill your life with meaning. 

Whether it’s meaningful daily activities or developing true independence, purpose in sobriety boosts your energy and motivation, making it easier to follow your passions and achieve your goals.

Reducing Stigma

There is stigma surrounding addiction and rehab. We want you to know that you’re not alone and your substance use does not define you. 

We understand addiction is not a choice or moral failure but a complex, treatable medical condition.

Our facility reduces structural and social stigma because addiction is deserving of care like any other disease. Our clinical team uses language that shows concern over judgment, and we promote effective treatment services that are inclusive for all.

Increasing Access To Residential Mental Health Care

We understand that mental health services are lacking in Ohio, whether it’s limited options, long-waiting times, or insufficient services. 

We want to make residential services easier to access for everyone, and our one-of-kind program is a more accessible alternative to inpatient psychiatric hospitalization.

Removing Treatment Barriers

People across Ohio face barriers to receiving treatment for substance use and mental health disorders. From transportation to limited resources and payment difficulties, we cut through the barriers by focusing on you as an individual.

We offer solutions with a multidisciplinary, whole-person approach that’s supportive of your needs, including payment considerations, transportation, access to resources, and more.

Collaborating With Local Communities

Our outreach programs are robust. We work with local organizations throughout the state of Ohio to coordinate a supportive network in your community that reduces the risk of relapse in early recovery.

Our alumni program is also a boots-on-the-ground effort at the local level. We organize community-based events to help you stay involved in your life and community. 

Motivating Growth & Resilience

Although recovery is possible for everyone, we understand it takes dedication and hard work. We want you to build your recovery on your personal strengths, values, and coping abilities. Our goal is to motivate your continued growth while preparing for inevitable setbacks.

As a result, we instill resilience as a central part of your recovery. Even when it feels like there is no path forward, resiliency allows you to use coping skills to push through and overcome whatever life throws at you.

Written by Ohio Recovery Center Editorial Team

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