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Manish Mishra, MBBS

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on December 21, 2022

North Ridgeville, Ohio, does not have any addiction treatment providers in its immediate area, though residents can access both inpatient and outpatient providers in neighboring communities. Residents can also travel to Van Wert to receive inpatient care at Ohio Recovery Center.

In the city of Cleveland, cocaine, fentanyl, fentanyl-laced heroin, methamphetamine, and alcohol are major substances of abuse.

While drug and alcohol abuse may have a somewhat lower profile in suburban communities like North Ridgeville, these issues are still widespread, with well over 100 lives lost each year in Lorain County. Thankfully, addiction treatment services are available in the state.

Alcohol & Drug Rehab Options For North Ridgeville, Ohio

While recovery programs for substance use disorder have been greatly expanded in Ohio over the past two decades, there are many communities like North Ridgeville that don’t offer immediate, local access to these critical services.

To participate in nearby recovery programs, residents in North Ridgeville need to travel to neighboring communities like Elyria, Sheffield, Lorain, and North Olmsted, as well as population centers like Cleveland and Akron.

Available treatment services in these locations include:

  • inpatient and outpatient detoxification
  • regular or intensive outpatient rehabilitation
  • short or long-term inpatient/residential rehabilitation
  • medication-assisted treatment programs
  • dual diagnosis treatment
  • behavioral therapy
  • aftercare

Medical Detox

Medical detox programs help individuals with drug or alcohol dependency work through the uncomfortable and potentially dangerous process of withdrawal.

Participants in detox programs receive medical supervision (including prescriptions to help manage their symptoms, if needed), counseling, creature comforts, and support.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient rehab programs operating in the communities near North Ridgeville include regular outpatient counseling programs, intensive outpatient programs (IOPs), and partial hospitalization programs (PHPs).

Collectively, these options provide a spectrum of care for those with both mild and severe substance use disorders.

Inpatient/Residential Treatment

Residential treatment, which can be offered in either short-term or long-term formats, is the most effective option for substance use disorder recovery. Inpatient care is recommended for those who have attempted to give up drugs or alcohol in the past but have been unsuccessful.

Treatment takes place in a professional inpatient treatment facility where participants will live 24/7 over an extended period of time, participating in a highly structured, personalized treatment regimen.

Dual Diagnosis Care

Drug and alcohol addiction go hand-in-hand with mental health disorders that range from PTSD to manic-depressive disorder, ADHD, anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, and others.

Dual diagnosis treatment programs simultaneously provide care for both alcohol/drug addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders to improve personal wellness and increase the chance of lasting recovery.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Naltrexone, buprenorphine, methadone are approved medications for alcohol or opioid use disorder as part of medication-assisted treatment (MAT)

These medications are administered at an alcohol or drug rehab center along with behavioral therapy, counseling, and peer support groups. MAT can help assist participants through the recovery process by moderating cravings or discouraging future substance abuse.

Aftercare Programs

Addiction recovery is a life-long process that doesn’t stop after a person leaves a rehabilitation center.

To help participants maintain their recovery, many addiction treatment programs offer extended, continuing support in the form of sober living housing, peer support groups, employment services, and case management.

Paying For Treatment In North Ridgeville, Ohio

Ohio addiction treatment providers may accept payment using:

  • benefits included with your personal health insurance
  • Medicaid and Medicare
  • self-payment using sliding-scale payment plans
  • other forms of fundraising, crowdfunding, or nonprofit treatment opportunities

Contact your local treatment centers or the Lorain County MHARS helpline to learn more.

Substance Use Trends & Facts In Lorain County, Ohio

Despite increasing efforts to curtail addiction and morbidity, drug overdoses in Lorain County increased from 143 individuals in 2020 to 147 in 2021.

The synthetic drug fentanyl is the deadliest substance of abuse in Lorain County, though deaths also involved alcohol, methamphetamine, and various prescription drugs.

Substance Use Resources In North Ridgeville

The Lorain County Board of Mental Health, Addiction, & Recovery Services (MHARS) works to create healthy Lorain County communities by preventing disease, empowering individuals to make better lifestyle choices, and promoting overall physical and behavioral health.

MHARS offers a crisis hotline that can quickly connect individuals in North Ridgeville with professional resources related to drug or alcohol addiction treatment and other mental or behavioral health issues.

Additionally, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) offers a national behavioral health treatment locator tool and helpline to connect residents with local treatment centers.

Ohio Recovery Center

Just over 2.5 hours west of North Ridgeville and located in Van Wert, Ohio Recovery Center offers inpatient substance abuse treatment services that include:

  • inpatient drug and alcohol detox
  • inpatient rehab
  • dual diagnosis care
  • medication-assisted treatment options
  • aftercare support

To learn more about how we can help, please contact us today.

  1. Ohio Substance Abuse Monitoring Network (OSAM) — 2020 Drug Abuse Trends in the Cleveland Region

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