Xanax Street Price & Prescription Cost In Ohio

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When Xanax is legally purchased using a prescription and health insurance, it costs around $10 for 60 0.25 mg pills. On the street, the cost of Xanax can vary greatly, but 2 mg bars tend to go for $15-$20.

Xanax is the brand name for alprazolam, a benzodiazepine (benzo) prescription medication that’s FDA-approved for the treatment of mental health issues like anxiety disorders and panic disorder. It works by increasing the amount of the neurotransmitter GABA in the brain and central nervous system.

How much Xanax pills cost depends on how it’s obtained and whether you have insurance or not. With insurance or a prescription discount card, it’s about $9 for 60 tablets. Without insurance, it can cost hundreds of dollars. 

On the street, the cost of Xanax can vary from dealer to dealer.

Xanax Street Price In Ohio

Just like illicit drugs, the street value of Xanax in Ohio depends on who you get it from. However, the average cost of street Xanax is likely around $1 per 0.25 mg pill. A 2 mg Xanax bar could also cost as much as $15-$20

The price goes up with the dosage and the number of pills you purchase. 

Location also makes a big difference. If you live in a city with a lot of drug dealers, the price is likely to be lower. But if you live in a rural area with fewer drug dealers, the price will probably be much higher.

Xanax Prescription Cost In Ohio With Insurance

How much Xanax costs in Ohio when you have a prescription depends on what your insurance plan is, if you have a prescription drug plan, and how much it covers.

On average, with insurance, you’re likely to pay around $9-$13 for sixty 0.25 mg Xanax tablets. Some insurance plans may pay for the whole cost while others may cover less, meaning you’ll likely have to pay more.

The cost goes up the higher the dosage is and the more pills you receive. If your prescription is for 100 pills, the price is likely to be around $25-$30. If your prescription is for a 1 mg dose of Xanax, the price can be $10-$20 for 60 pills.

Without Insurance

Without insurance, Xanax can cost much more. However, there prescription discount programs, patient assistance, and financial assistance programs to help people get the best price.

Without those programs, Xanax can cost as much as $200-$300 for sixty 0.5 mg tablets. If you need a prescription for the extended-release formulation, the price can be even higher.

How Is Xanax Prescribed?

When Xanax is prescribed, it’s given in a few different dosages depending on your symptoms. For adults with anxiety disorders, healthcare providers likely start you off at 0.25 mg – 0.5 mg three times a day. They may increase this as needed.

For adults with panic disorder, healthcare professionals typically start off by prescribing 0.5 mg – 1 mg to be taken in the morning once a day. They can increase this dose as needed.

Whether you have a prescription or you’re buying it off the black market, the side effects of Xanax use are increased when the drug is abused.

Risks Of Xanax Abuse

Abusing Xanax, whether prescription or from a drug dealer, increases your risk of a few different negative effects including overdose, physical dependence, and addiction. Xanax abuse includes taking it without a prescription or in higher doses than prescribed, as well as mixing it with other drugs.

Xanax Overdose

When you abuse Xanax, you significantly increase your risk of overdosing on the drug. If you or a loved one experience any of the following signs and symptoms, call 911 immediately:

  • drowsiness
  • confusion
  • problems with coordination
  • loss of consciousness

The risk of overdose is even higher if you mix Xanax with prescription opioids like fentanyl, hydrocodone, and oxycodone, alcohol, sedatives, or other benzos like Valium, Klonopin, and Ativan.

In Ohio, the number of benzodiazepine overdose deaths fell below 10% in 2020, but there are still plenty of people who need help.

Dependence & Addiction

Abusing Xanax over a long period of time can lead to your body building up a physical dependence on the drug. This means that your body no longer knows how to function properly without the drug and unpleasant withdrawal symptoms are likely to show up when you stop use.

Persistent Xanax abuse can also lead to addiction where you’re unable to stop using Xanax despite negative consequences like health problems, relationship issues, or problems at work/school.

Addiction Treatment In Ohio

If you or a loved one are struggling with Xanax addiction or any form of prescription drug abuse, Ohio Recovery Center is here to help. With the help of a treatment provider, you can build a Xanax treatment plan that fits your exact needs.

We offer a variety of addiction treatment options including detox, inpatient treatment, and aftercare support.

For more information on our inpatient substance abuse treatment programs, please contact us today.

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