Does Ohio Recovery Center Allow Dogs?

Due to safety, health, and other concerns for everyone at ORC, we do not allow clients to bring their dogs with them. Here are some options to consider to make sure your pooch receives the care they need during your stay with us.

Although we recognize the special relationship between humans and dogs, Ohio Recovery Center does not allow our clients’ dogs, or any other companion animals, to stay on campus. Animals present allergy concerns, safety concerns, and other disturbance concerns, and we are unable to accommodate their unique needs.

We hope that you will find the suggestions below helpful in determining your options for your dog’s care during your treatment.

Remember to leave your vet’s contact info with your pet-sitter and any special care instructions, such as when to feed your dog. Consider having a back-up plan, such as an additional sitter in mind, in case your primary option falls through.

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Full-Time In-Home Care

Next to being with their human, most dogs will find staying at home the most comforting, least stress-inducing option. Especially if you typically are at home a lot, including overnight, having someone stay at your place while you’re gone can help keep your pup happy. Dogs are social animals, and being around people can help them feel safe and secure.

Having a trusted family member or friend stay at your place and make sure that your pup is fed, let out, walked, and provided with other essential care and attention can make your absence less of an issue. It’s even better if this person already knows your dog.

Most people will expect to be paid for providing this service, but if you are unable to pay them, they may be willing to do it for free in support of your recovery. If you will be away from home for more than a couple of weeks, consider asking two people so that the time period for each is shorter.

Part-Time In-Home Care

Many dogs are OK with having someone come to the house and provide care without staying overnight. For most dogs, a minimum of two visits per day will help keep them happy. Again, consider your typical schedule when making this decision. Are you away from home a lot, including overnight? Do you work away from home and leave your dog for extended periods of time? If so, having someone come to your place two or three times per day may be an option.

Again, someone who already knows your dog is the best option. Consider asking a trusted neighbor, whose proximity is a bonus. Asking a couple of people to take shifts can help ease the care burden. 

Hiring a professional service can be expensive, with many pet-sitters charging at least $20 per home visit. This can add up quickly if you will be gone for a while, so be sure to ask about discounts for extended periods away. It’s a good idea to ask for and check references as well.

Dog Boarding Facilities

If you are unable to keep your dog at home, dog boarding facilities provide another option. A good place to start when looking for a reputable facility is to ask your vet for a recommendation. You can also ask trusted family and friends for the same. 

When looking into a particular dog kennel, check its online reviews and ask for a tour of the facility. Facilities that provide tours may be more trustworthy. If they allow you to bring your dog along for the tour, watch how the staff interacts with your dog. Be sure to ask questions like how often your dog is let out each day, if walks are provided, etc.

You can also call the Better Business Bureau near you and the local chamber of commerce to ask if they’ve had complaints about the facility.

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Written by Ohio Recovery Center Editorial Team

Updated on: June 5, 2024

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