Are Laptops Allowed In Inpatient Drug Rehab?

Those who want to bring their laptop with them to an inpatient rehab center may be partially allowed to do so. For instance, some treatment centers only allow you to spend a short amount of time on your laptop while other rehabs have strict policies against electronics of any kind.

If you or a loved one are struggling with drug addiction and require inpatient treatment, one of your first concerns may be regarding your laptop as we all rely on electronic devices daily. 

Electronics such as laptops and cell phones may be allowed at your chosen drug or alcohol rehab facility.

Despite this, laptop use may only be minimal. In fact, some rehab programs require you to abstain from any electronic device, and others may ban the use of electronic devices altogether.

Laptop-Friendly Rehab Centers

There are laptop-friendly rehabs which allow you to have internet access. It’s important for patients to have access to the outside world so they can still feel a sense of normalcy.

Laptop use will typically be kept at a minimum as not to distract you from your addiction recovery and the treatment process. Images of the outside world can prove triggering in some instances, such as scrolling on your social media and seeing ads or photos of alcohol.

Ultimately, the rules for using electronics at a drug rehab center will be determined by the specific rehab.

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Are Laptops Beneficial During Inpatient Rehab?

Although you are able to bring certain essential items from home such as toiletries, taking your laptop to an inpatient rehab may not be allowed. However, some residential treatment facilities see a benefit in allowing patients to receive outside support from friends and family members.

Instead of feeling alone and isolated, having your laptop or electronic device such as a smartphone can help you maintain contact with your family. With your laptop, you will be able to message or video call members of your chosen support system.

Laptop or phone use may only be allowed at certain times in your private room while other rehabs only allow you to make phone calls using the phone from the treatment center. 

Without your phone, it is necessary to write down the phone numbers of your friends and family to provide to staff at the rehab center.

Are Laptops Harmful During The Treatment Process?

Those with a drug or alcohol addiction who wish to bring their laptop with them to a treatment facility may be unable to do so. Instead of a laptop, some rehab centers may suggest reading material.

Certain addiction treatment programs forbid items such as laptops, cell phones, or valuables such as jewelry. Laptops may be restricted as to not interfere with the recovery process.

By maintaining access to the outside world, you can become susceptible to unwanted content such as viewing photos of your friends at a party or even seeing a local story about a traffic accident involving drugs or alcohol. 

Having your laptop can also potentially give you access to your drug dealer.

Completely removing access to the internet may be part of a treatment program. Those choosing inpatient care will remain at the facility 24/7. Without any distractions, you can be more likely to engage in treatment options such as group therapy.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment Options

At an inpatient treatment center, you will be required to remain on-site to receive substance abuse treatment. With outpatient care, you do not remain at the facility, but are required to visit the rehab at designated times.

Inpatient treatment provides you with access to healthcare professionals and medications necessary for your recovery process. As an inpatient, you may participate in therapy sessions, learn about wellness techniques, and receive medical detoxification.

Medical Detox

One of the first types of treatment is drug or alcohol detox. This process cleanses your system, ridding your body of the unwanted toxins in the body brought on by drug abuse.

Dual Diagnosis Care

Those with co-occurring disorders such as a mental health disorder and substance use disorder may benefit from the extensive programs offered with inpatient treatment. 

To begin your road to recovery, learn about your insurance coverage and payment options available for your inpatient care. If you’re considering inpatient treatment, consider Ohio Recovery Center

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Published on: November 8, 2023

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