How To Tell Your Spouse That You’re Going To Rehab

If you struggle with drug abuse and recognize it’s time for you to find help at a treatment center, informing your spouse should be one of the first actions you take. Speaking openly and honestly to your significant other about drug or alcohol use can help them have a better understanding of rehab and why it’s necessary for you.

Discussing your drug or alcohol addiction with your closest loved one, your spouse, can be a difficult process. However, this is a positive step forward, recognizing the extent of your drug use and realizing you need to place focus on your well-being and find an addiction treatment center.

Before you enter treatment at a rehab center, be sure to learn more about your health insurance coverage as well as the benefits offered at the treatment facility. If you do research before speaking with your spouse, you can be better equipped to help answer any questions they may have moving forward.

Educate Yourself On The Disease Of Addiction

If you’ve recognized that you suffer from symptoms of drug addiction and you’re experiencing interference in your daily life, treatment may be necessary. 

By gaining a better understanding of the issues you face, you can have a greater chance of correctly relaying information to your spouse.

Not only should you educate yourself on your addiction problem, but also learn about the treatment plans offered at your rehab of choice. 

If you have information such as the type of program you’re interested in, what the plan has to offer, and how your spouse can provide support, your significant other may feel more inclined to listen to your struggles and follow along as you inform them about addiction and the benefits of rehab.

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Explain The Benefits Of Drug Rehab

To further help your husband or wife understand your need for treatment, inform them of the benefits treatment facilities can offer. For instance, detox may be available, providing a way to manage withdrawal symptoms brought on by drug or alcohol abuse.

Additionally, there are inpatient and outpatient treatment programs which provide a wide range of treatment options for you to consider during your recovery journey such as therapy practices. Inform your spouse of the type of treatment you require and which program you will participate in.

You can further explain the need for drug treatment by mentioning the offerings of the rehab center and how they can assist you on your road to recovery. 

Providing your husband or wife with resources from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) can also prove helpful.

Prepare For An Emotional Conversation

With intimate relationships comes intimate conversations, sometimes discussing difficult topics. When informing your spouse of your own needs, remember your spouse may also need to set boundaries depending on your financial or family situation.

As you discuss your addiction problem, both parties should seek to better understand the other. Maintaining an open dialogue and honesty can benefit everyone involved and directly improve your support system.

Ask For Support

When speaking with your spouse, respectfully ask them if they can assist you during the addiction recovery process. If your spouse shows enabling behavior, consider having a conversation about the status of your relationship and discern if any codependency takes place.

There may be warning signs of drug abuse that have been recognized by your spouse. If this is the case, there is a chance your significant other may be aware of your drug addiction before you ask for support.

Because of this, your husband or wife may be more understandable, recognizing the fact you need assistance. Additionally, consider asking your spouse to participate in certain therapy options such as couples therapy, family therapy, or support groups for loved ones.

Find The Addiction Treatment Plan Right For You

If you or a family member struggle with substance abuse, consider a rehab center which offers numerous treatment options which cater to your needs. At Ohio Recovery Center, we offer evidence-based care, aftercare services, and inpatient options.

Speak with one of our healthcare representatives today to learn more about our specialized treatment plans.

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Written by Ohio Recovery Center Editorial Team

Published on: November 13, 2023

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