What Are The Effects Of Ritalin On Sex Drive?

Ritalin use is linked to both increased libido and sexual dysfunction. Your risk of sexual side effects may increase if you abuse Ritalin without a prescription or take higher doses of Ritalin than your healthcare provider prescribed.

Taking Ritalin can increase your sex drive, cause problems with sexual performance, and lead to a loss of interest in sex. 

The effects of Ritalin on your sex life may be linked to changes in dopamine and norepinephrine, brain chemicals that can affect your sexual behavior, desire, and performance.

Ritalin is a prescription stimulant medication that can manage symptoms of ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Ritalin and its generic form, methylphenidate, can also be abused by Ohio residents to improve mood, energy, and performance.

As of June 2022, prescription stimulant drugs such as Ritalin and Adderall are widely available for use in Ohio. Abusing Ritalin can increase your risk of adverse effects such as sexual aversion, weight loss, and psychosis.

Side Effects Of Ritalin On Sexual Function

Sexual side effects linked to methylphenidate use may include:

  • erectile dysfunction
  • increased libido or sexual desire
  • increased sexual arousal
  • loss of interest in sex

These side effects can increase your sex drive, decrease your sex drive, or cause sexual dysfunction. You may experience both positive and negative sexual side effects when taking Ritalin.

Other side effects of methylphenidate, such as high blood pressure, nausea, dizziness, and skin rash, can indirectly reduce your sexual activity.

How Ritalin Can Affect Your Sex Life

Methylphenidate works by binding to dopamine and norepinephrine receptors in your central nervous system. Dopamine and norepinephrine are neurotransmitters, or chemicals, that can affect vital functions such as mood, blood pressure, motivation, and sexual function.

Studies have linked dopaminergic drugs such as methylphenidate to hypersexuality, or increased sex drive and function. However, case reports have also linked a loss of sex drive to methylphenidate use.

The sexual side effects of Ritalin may happen when you take Ritalin as directed. Abusing Ritalin can increase your risk of sexual side effects. Factors that can affect the side effects you experience may include your gender, age, and dosage of Ritalin.

Long-Term Effects Of Ritalin Use

Long-term side effects of Ritalin use may include weight loss, irregular heart rate, and a dependency on Ritalin. These side effects can hurt your quality of life and decrease your desire to have sex.

If you experience health problems and continue to abuse Ritalin, you may be suffering from a substance use disorder. Addiction treatment centers in Ohio can give you the support you need so you can focus on quitting prescription drugs.

For information on our ADHD medication abuse treatment options, including medical detox services, psychotherapy services, and group counseling, please contact us today.

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Written by Ohio Recovery Center Editorial Team

Published on: August 18, 2023

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