6 Reasons Why You Should Travel For Drug Rehab

Where your rehab center is located is less important than the care and treatment it can provide. However, many people find that rehab facilities located further from home offer some specific and meaningful advantages during the early days of their recovery.

If you or a loved one in your family are struggling with alcohol addiction or drug addiction, getting help with your recovery needs to be your first priority. 

But, with thousands of licensed and accredited treatment centers operating across the United States, finding the right program can be challenging. So why not just pick the local Ohio rehab program closest to your home?

Well, depending on your situation there may be some very good reasons for you to intentionally create some more space between your home and the treatment center you choose to attend.

Here are six reasons why:

1. More Options

Addiction treatment facilities, including both inpatient and outpatient programs, have become much more common and accessible in the years since the opioid and methamphetamine epidemics, which has enabled countless Americans to get help for substance abuse and dependence.

But when it comes to serious forms of substance use disorder, you need to find a residential addiction treatment program that has the right intensity and offers the right interventions to fully meet your needs. 

Inpatient care is especially crucial if you are struggling with special circumstances like a co-occurring mental health disorder and would benefit from dual diagnosis treatment or some other specialized form of care.

Being open to traveling outside of your local area and even across state lines may allow you to focus on the treatment options and opportunities available to you, rather than settling for a less ideal drug rehab center located in your community.

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2. Greater Freedom

You may also find that putting some miles between you and home makes it that much easier to focus on yourself and your own recovery without worrying about daily tasks and responsibilities. 

Substance abuse and addiction often exist as negative patterns of thought, urge, behavior, and location, trapping people in the same harmful routines for weeks or months at a time.

By physically packing up and leaving your normal space, you create an opportunity to make a fresh start for your recovery journey. 

Of course, you still have to go back home sooner or later. But getting out of your community and striking out far from home can give you both physical and mental space to re-discover yourself and throw off those old patterns.

3. Greater Privacy

Addiction treatment centers are respectful of your personal privacy and confidentiality. 

But, even so, there is always a chance that there may be someone else receiving treatment that you know, or that you may be pressured for unwanted visits with family or friends during your treatment period.

Likewise, choosing a treatment further from your home community may give you an even greater sense of discretion, anonymity, and privacy while you receive care.

4. Fewer Triggers

Residential recovery centers use a controlled and unfamiliar environment to help you shake off triggers and bad habits while you work on positive coping mechanisms and behavioral therapy. 

Sometimes, however, just being back in your home community or knowing that familiar streets are right outside is enough to trigger cravings and unwanted impulses.

Recovery programs in unfamiliar surroundings may reduce the potential for these negative influences to take hold.

5. Less Temptation To Leave Treatment Early

While residential treatment centers are secure and controlled environments, they aren’t prisons. In most cases, you have every right to drop out and leave at any time if you choose to do so. 

And, sadly, many people in addiction treatment programs do bail out before their courses are finished.

By enrolling in a treatment program that is a greater distance away from your home, family, and friends, you may reduce the likelihood that you will drop out of your program partway through, when you might otherwise choose to do so if home, and your bed, are just a short drive away.

6. It Signals Commitment

The treatment process isn’t easy and there may be friends, colleagues, or even family members who don’t believe that your substance use is that big a deal, or who doubt that you actually need professional treatment. And it’s entirely possible that you may also have some lingering doubts yourself.

Taking the time to travel for care and make your way out to a professional, high quality, licensed and accredited treatment provider can show others and yourself that you are serious about getting drug or alcohol addiction treatment and building a better lifestyle for the future.

Ohio Recovery Center

While there are many benefits of traveling for drug/alcohol rehab, ultimately, the best substance abuse treatment program is always going to be the one that meets your behavioral health care needs, wherever it happens to be located on a map.

At Ohio Recovery Center, we can support your recovery through high-quality, evidence-based residential treatment services such as:

Contact us today to learn more about your specific treatment options.

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Written by Ohio Recovery Center Editorial Team

Published on: January 5, 2024

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