Springdale, Ohio Alcohol & Drug Rehab Services

Springdale, Ohio, residents struggling with substance abuse can receive addiction treatment options such as drug and alcohol detox, medication-assisted treatment, mental health care, and rehab programs for specialty groups.

High-risk substance abuse can affect you, your loved ones, friends, and other Springdale, Ohio residents. Abusing fentanyl, cocaine, alcohol, and other potent substances can hurt your quality of life and your relationships with others.

Thankfully, local substance abuse treatment options are available.

Alcohol & Drug Treatment Programs In & Near Springdale, Ohio

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction in Springdale, Ohio, you can contact a local addiction treatment center. Nearby addiction treatment programs offer recovery services such as:

You can find these treatment services in the city of Springdale, or reach out to rehab centers in the greater Cincinnati area, such as centers in Florence, Hamilton, or Fairfield.

Medical Detox

A medical detox program can help you quit drugs or alcohol with constant access to healthcare. Detoxing at a detox center manages your seizures, insomnia, vomiting, and other serious withdrawal symptoms while reducing your chances of relapsing.

Springfield residents can enroll in detox programs for opioids, alcohol, and other habit-forming substances.

Inpatient & Outpatient Treatment

Inpatient and outpatient treatment programs both offer mental health support, withdrawal management, and counseling services. Inpatient treatment is a more intensive level of care compared to outpatient treatment.

Inpatient treatment involves 24-hour care and living in designated housing. You do not leave an inpatient drug rehab center until you finish treatment. Outpatient programs offer addiction recovery services during the day, allowing patients to leave after each daily treatment session.

Depending on your health, medical history, and reasons for entering treatment, you may be recommended for inpatient or outpatient care. Some outpatient treatment centers near Springdale may only provide opioid abuse treatment programs.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) manages your dependency to drugs or alcohol through the use of approved prescription drugs. Medication taken during a MAT program is closely monitored. 

MAT programs are only prescribed by accredited Ohio drug and alcohol addiction treatment facilities. Accredited treatment centers near Springdale can prescribe naltrexone, buprenorphine, acamprosate, and other approved medications for opioid and alcohol withdrawal.

Mental Health Services

Mental health support is an essential part of your alcohol or drug rehab program. Strong mental health practices can help you avoid relapsing into drug or alcohol abuse after you finish rehab.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a common, evidence-based form of therapy that can prepare you for long-term sobriety. Other mental health treatment options available to Springdale residents may include:

  • anger management programs
  • intervention services
  • case management programs
  • dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring disorders
  • 12-step recovery services
  • attending support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous
  • specialty care programs for adolescents, clients with severe mental illnesses, and other groups

Payment Options For Drug & Alcohol Rehab In Springdale, Ohio

Alcohol and drug treatment centers near Springfield accept common forms of health insurance, such as:

  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • military insurance
  • private health insurance from your employer
  • state-sponsored insurance

If you do not have insurance, you can contact Ohio alcohol and drug addiction treatment centers about sliding fee scales. Sliding fee scales can help you get the treatment you need, without paying more than you are able to.

Springdale, Ohio Substance Use Statistics

The Greater Cincinnati COVID-19 Health Issues Survey reported about 8 percent of Greater Cincinnati adults experienced an overdose since the start of 2020. About 8 percent of Greater Cincinnati adults also relapsed during this same time frame.

Reports from June 2022 state that drugs such as fentanyl, cocaine, and methamphetamine are widely available for drug abuse in the Greater Cincinnati area, including Springdale.

These numbers may suggest illicit drugs are a public health concern in and around Springdale. Substance abuse prevention and harm reduction, such as increased availability of naloxone, can help you and your loved ones at risk of drug abuse in Springdale.

Substance Abuse Treatment Resources In Springdale, Ohio

The Hamilton County Mental Health and Recovery Services Board (MHRSB) can help you find substance abuse and addiction treatment resources that work for you.

Substance abuse resources on the MHRSB website include information about sober living housing, mental health care, employment support, and a list of treatment providers in Hamilton County.

You can call one of the toll-free helplines on the MHRSB website to learn more or get a referral to more addiction recovery resources.

Ohio Recovery Center

Ohio Recovery Center offers inpatient addiction and mental health treatment in Van Wert, Ohio, about 2 hours away from Springdale by car. At Ohio Recovery Center, you can improve your chances of getting sober with care that listens to your specific needs.

To learn about our personalized addiction treatment options, including medical detox programs, medication-assisted treatment, and mental health support, please contact us today.

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Published on: August 21, 2023

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