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Manish Mishra, MBBS

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on May 5, 2023

Richland County offers a variety of drug and alcohol treatment services and resources, including everything from Narcan training and crisis hotlines to treatment programs like medical detox, inpatient and outpatient care, and medication-assisted treatment.

Richland County is situated in northern Ohio about 1-2 hours from Columbus and Cleveland. While it has seen its population struggle with substance use disorder, it also offers a number of addiction treatment services to ensure those seeking help have somewhere to go.

One of the agencies responsible for facilitating those treatment centers is the Richland County 

Mental Health & Recovery Services Board.

However, just because you’re in Richland County doesn’t mean you have to go to drug rehab centers there. You can go to any of the rehab programs in Ohio, including Ohio Recovery Center in Van Wert.

Substance Abuse Resources In Richland County, Ohio 

The Richland County Mental Health & Recovery Services Board was originally started in 1968 and only had two local service providers. 

The board now has multiple service providers and is tasked with funding, establishing, and maintaining quality addiction treatment centers and other addiction resources throughout the county, including a crisis hotline and a warm line.

Richland County Public Health also partners with Project DAWN, which provides Narcan training to anyone. Narcan is a drug that reverses the effects of an opioid overdose. Knowing how to use it could save a life, and you can also get a free Narcan kit.

Richland County also has an Opiate Task Force which combines treatment professionals, law enforcement, and judges to develop appropriate responses to the opioid crisis in the area.

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Ohio Recovery Center

Ohio Recovery Center is almost two hours away from Richland County. We offer a wide-range of evidence-based addiction treatment programs and therapies, including detox, inpatient drug rehab, medication-assisted treatment, group therapy, and aftercare. 

If you’re looking for alcohol or drug addiction treatment for yourself or a loved one, we’re here to help you on your recovery journey.

Richland County Substance Use & Overdose Data

Richland County, like much of Ohio, has seen its population struggle with addiction. Unfortunately, overdose deaths have continued to rise over the years.

From 2015-2020, the average rate of drug overdose deaths in Richland County was 49 per 100,000 population.

In August 2022, Richland County confirmed there had been 33 drug overdose deaths. At that rate, the county could see almost 80 drug overdose deaths in 2022 overall which would be up from 72 in 2021. It would also be an increase of 40 percent in the past five years.

Fentanyl & Other Strong Drugs

Chief Investigator Bob Ball stated that he expects the number of overdose cases to be higher in 2023 because of how much fentanyl is being mixed into drugs and how even stronger drugs are coming out every year.

The most popular drugs used in Richland County include heroin, prescription opioids, and cocaine.

Alcohol & Drug Rehab Options In Richland County, Ohio

There are 14 drug and alcohol rehab centers within a 25-mile radius of Richland County. 

Most treatment facilities are located in Mansfield, Shelby, and Ashland. These rehab centers offer several behavioral health treatment options so you can have a customized treatment plan that meets your individual needs.

The alcohol and drug abuse rehab programs provided can include medical detox, inpatient care, outpatient treatment, and medication-assisted treatment. They may also offer support groups, case management, aftercare, group therapy, and mental health services.

Medical Detox

During medical detox, you either go to a detox center or have the help of your healthcare provider. 

Whichever one you choose, they may prescribe medication and other forms of treatment to lessen any withdrawal symptoms that come up during the detox process. What medications they prescribe depends on the symptoms you’re struggling with.

Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient treatment (or residential treatment) is generally for those with severe addiction or mental illness and those who don’t have a strong support system at home. While in inpatient treatment, you live at the rehab center and receive 24/7 care.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment allows you to go to treatment during the day and be home at night for added flexibility.

Depending on the severity of your addiction, there are three outpatient programs offered. They include partial hospitalization programs (PHPs), intensive outpatient programs (IOPs), and standard outpatient programs. 

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is used for alcohol and opioid addiction. During MAT, healthcare professionals prescribe medication to ease cravings and dependency. On top of that, you’ll participate in behavioral therapy, peer support groups, and other services.

Payment Options Accepted In Richland County, Ohio 

Many drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers in Richland County accept both private health insurance plans and Medicare/Medicaid. 

However, if you want to be sure what your plan covers and how much of the cost it will pick up, contact your specific insurance provider or a local drug rehabilitation center.

To verify your insurance or learn more about the treatment programs at Ohio Recovery Center, please call our helpline today.

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